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We are passionate about helping you find the perfect match for your pet in the most simple, fun and easy way. If you are a first time buyer, a full-time breeder, or simply an animal lover, we know that you want to find the best mate for your pet. We have created the very first easy-to-use online dating service to connect your pet with other pets.

Our purpose is to help you find the perfect match for your pets loving needs. Whether you want to adopt a pet, buy a pet from a registered breeder, sell a pet, find a playmate or breed your pet you can find it all here on Sign up now and take advantage of this new opportunity to make matching simple, fun, and easy.

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In accordance with the By-laws, the breeder is responsible for their pets safety. The concept of a pet being a lifetime commitment should always be reinforced with the purchaser. When breeding, breeders must be 100% certain that they have homes for all pets produced. Breeders should represent their animals to prospective purchasers with honesty and integrity. Breeders should provide a written sales agreement containing the name of the purchaser, the date of sale, the name of the breed and the animal. In addition, all terms and conditions of the sale, including a return or replacement policy, should be clearly defined. The agreement should be properly dated and signed by all parties. Breeders should provide the purchaser with a reasonable written guarantee that protects the animal, the purchaser and the seller. Regardless of age, spaying or neutering of all animals sold, as companions should be actively encouraged. Purchasers should be provided with copies of all relevant documentation. Documentation, copies of non-breeding agreements, completed sales agreements, guarantees, health and vaccination records, and a set of instructions on the care, training and diet for the pet should be included. Please breed responsibly!

Whether you want to showcase your pet, adopt a pet, find a playmate for your pet, buy a pet, find a registered breeder or
breed your pet you can find it all here and more on